KOL Citation Mapping

You need to identify the KOLs and Thought Leaders who influence their peers in a therapy area. The resulting team of physicians and scientists will be the source of strategic advice - either in the early stages of the product life-cycle, during the critical launch phase, or even after your product has been brought to market.

Drawing on the expertise of a prominent social scientist (an expert in the mathematical analysis of population data) CEM can provide a KOL mapping solution that will provide high-end sophisticated views of a KOL group. We will examine the patterns of citations among the KOLs in your therapy area and show who has the most influence. We can show individual KOLs' influence networks and elucidate the subtle influence patterns that may not be apparent

You may want an in-depth strategic view of a therapy area and the KOLs influence their peers. The latter play key roles in driving the science and therapy of a TA. This would take 10-12 weeks depending on the depth of analysis and validation required.

Development of Advisory Panels, Steering Committees, Speaker program development

- List of 100 most prolific KOLs with contact details in Excel Spreadsheet format.
- Influence Maps showing KOLs' Clusters
- Report analysing the membership of the Clusters and a List of recommended KOLs who are either drive the clusters or are pivotal in linking different clusters.

Sample (annotated map):












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